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Northwest Naturals Chubs for Dogs (5 lbs)

Northwest Naturals

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Chubs are a great cost-effective way to feed a complete raw diet and are especially appropriate for households with large or multiple dogs. These are ideal for multi-dog households and great for rotation.

Proteins are USDA inspected and passed. Produce comes with certificates of guarantee. Recipes are grain and gluten-free – Corn, wheat and soy free. We include human-grade proteinated vitamins and minerals for better absorption—complete and balanced diets. Nuggets and Bars are quick thaw and ready to serve.

All Recipes contain 10% raw ground bone.

80% Protein – 18.75% Produce – 1.25% Supplements

How to thaw Chubs?

  • 5lb chubs will thaw in the refrigerator in approximately 24 – 36 hours.
  • Place in a glass container to thaw to reduce possible mess.

How to quick thaw Chubs?

  • To reduce thawing time, place in sink and cover with cold water. Chubs will thaw in approximately 2 hours.
  • Chubs can also be pre-portioned. Thaw partially and cut into portions with a serrated knife. Portions can be frozen and thawed as needed.

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