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KONG Holiday – Pull-A-Partz Present Cat Toy (With Stripes)


  • $8.99
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  • 2 toys in one invite disassembling
  • Hook-and-eye fastened wrap crinkles to extend engagement
  • Both toys contain mood-boosting KONG North American Premium Catnip
  • Long tail and ribbon are fun for dragging through the holidays and beyond
  • Lightweight Santa Kitty is ideal for batting

KONG Pull-A-Partz Present delivers two-toys-in-one—made for cats who love to unwrap and dismantle, satisfying their hunting instincts. Inside the festive wrap, the Santa Kitty sports holiday PJs to celebrate the season. Sounds made by the wrapping paper’s hook-and-eye fastener and inner crinkle paper spark cats’ interest. The KONG North American Premium Catnip in both toys keeps them playing longer for adorable holiday fun.

Cats love unwrapping Santa Kitty in his PJs, satisfying hunting instincts with two-toys-in-one to joyfully dismantle. KONG North American Premium Catnip in both ensures holiday happiness.

Available in Stars, or Stripes

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